The number 1 Psychologist in Beirut

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The number 1 Psychologist in Beirut

Being a psychologist in Beirut is a challenging profession But at the same time, it is a beloved profession. Because it involves work with clients from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences, helping them cope with the stress and trauma of living in a city that has faced many crises.

Psychologist in Beirut must use methods and evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology to help clients develop resilience, self-compassion and well-being.

A psychologist is a professional who studies human behavior and mental processes, and work in various settings, such as schools, hospitals, clinics, prisons, or private practices.

Psychologists help people cope with stress, trauma, emotions, relationships, and other psychological issues.

All of these reasons make the profession of a psychologist in Beirut very stimulating, pushing you to permanent work and continuous development.

The number 1 Psychologist in Beirut

Psychologist in Beirut

Choosing a psychologist in Beirut can be a challenging task, especially if you are not familiar with the different types of therapy and the qualifications of the professionals.

Here are some tips to help you find the best psychologist for your needs:

  • Identify your goals and expectations. What are you hoping to achieve from therapy? What kind of support are you looking for? How do you prefer to communicate and interact with your therapist?
  • Research the different types of therapy. There are many approaches to psychological treatment, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, humanistic therapy, and more. Each one has its own strengths and limitations, and may suit different people and issues better. You can read more about them online or ask your potential psychologist about their orientation and methods.
  • Check the credentials and experience of the psychologist. In Lebanon, psychologists must have a master’s degree or a doctorate in psychology, and be registered with the Order of Psychologists. You can verify their registration on the Order’s website or by contacting them directly. You can also ask the psychologist about their training, specialization, and years of practice.
  • Schedule a consultation session. The best way to find out if a psychologist is right for you is to meet them in person and have a conversation. Most psychologists offer a free or low-cost initial consultation, where you can ask them questions, share your concerns, and get a sense of their style and personality. You should feel comfortable, respected, and understood by your psychologist, and trust them to help you.
  • Compare and evaluate your options. After meeting with a few psychologists, you can compare them based on their fees, availability, location, approach, rapport, and effectiveness. You can also ask for feedback from other clients or professionals who have worked with them.

Remember that finding a good psychologist is not a one-time decision, but an ongoing process. You can always change your psychologist if you are not satisfied or if your needs change.

Let’s take a good example

good example

Dr. Carla Kesrouani is a psychotherapist in Lebanon.

She studied at the Arizona State University, acquired a higher degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (MED), And acquired a Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm-D) degree at the Lebanese American University and gained US-licensure thereafter.

Dr. Carla also is Licensed Stress Management Specialist, Licensed and Certified Practitioner in Rapid Transformational Therapy, trained by world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer, And she is Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), And she has other testimonies and experiences.

Dr. Carla’s Method of Treatment is a combination of two proven and effective healing styles in the world of therapy:

  1. Rapid Transformational Therapist.
  2. Behavioral Modification Therapy.

These studies, certificates, and experiences, along with the development of her work method, make her a good example to present when we talk about the best psychologist in Beirut.



Psychologists are professionals who study human behavior and mental processes. They can help people cope with various challenges, such as stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, and more.

Psychologist In Beirut offer different types of services, such as counseling, therapy, assessment, and consultation. Some of them work in private practice, while others work in hospitals, schools, or organizations. To find a psychologist in Beirut use the search steps we mentioned to get the best result that suits you and gives you the desired benefits.

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