Autism Spectrum Disorder


Dr. Carla Kesrouani | Psychologist Clinic in Lebanon, Beirut

My extensive background with ASD populations plays an important role in my practice today, where it seems natural to me to give back to those who taught me the most. Providing the support needed to the families of those with ASD has been a special goal for me, assisting them in the application of Applied Behavior Analysis principles with their siblings to improve their lives, one step at a time.

Services for ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder populations

  • Establish an individualized plan to meet the social/communication/leisure needs of a child with ASD, and provide continuous follow up using Applied Behavior Analysis principles
  • Work alongside caregivers of a child with ASD to meet his/her individualized educational goals
  • Set up an Individualized Educational Plan for children with ASD
  • Assist caregivers of children with ASD get rid of negative behaviours using a Behaviour Modification Plan,
  • Provide the mental and emotional support needed for the caregivers of a child/adult with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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