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Imagine you can take back control of your mind to lead the life you’ve always wanted !

Dr. Carla can help you do all that, and quickly- using a new and clinically proven therapy that delivers impressive and permanent change- Rapid Transformational Therapy, or RTT®

What is RTT

Rapid Transformational Therapy, or RTT® meets the demands of our world today: it is a solution-focused, simple, easy and most importantly time-saving method that will help you overcome any ‘unfinished business’ that has been holding you back for so long, so you can finally find the freedom you’ve longed for. No wonder RTT is taking the world by storm!
From addiction and anxiety to procrastination and low self-esteem, RTT® will transform a multitude of issues from challenges to opportunities.

Learn more about this new method that has revolutionized the therapy world today and helped thousands achieve their goals, live a better life, free of their problems!

RTT will help you overcome deeply-rooted issues and give you freedom from past experiences so you can finally focus on what’s important.

Get a step closer to transforming your life now with Dr. Carla!

Maybe you’ve tried therapy before. This is different. With RTT, we dive deep to the cause of the problem to extract it from its root, and allow healing to begin.

Dr Carla
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Meet Dr Carla

'what I do, simply put, is give you freedom from your issues and enable you to learn your self worth. Knowing you are enough will not only heal your emotional wounds, but will radiate out to all areas of your life’.

Making use of over 15 years of expertise as well as a multidisciplinary background in the medical field, educational field ,  behavior analysis as well as the mental health sciences, Dr. Carla Kesrouani is now practicing what has always been her passion: transforming the lives of people around her.
Having been named by many of her clients ‘a true friend rather than a therapist’, ‘ a real inspiration’, or ‘someone who instills safety’, both Dr. Carla’s professional and personal path have led her to gather a vast experience in the field of human behavior and mental wellbeing. Her clients as well as anyone who meets her is inclined to easily open up to her, which has allowed her to succeed in every career she embarked in.
Dr. Carla’s motto in life has always been ‘If they can do it, I can do it’, and has used it to empower her clients to let go of their past hurts and pains and access the life they’ve always dreamt of.

What Can Dr. Carla Help you Overcome?

Improve overall mood
Weight Control/Loss
Self-Esteem & Confidence
Achieving Goals
Work Performance
Memory Skills
Money Blocks
Addictions (shopping, social media, food, drug, alcohol,…)
Insomnia and Sleep problems
Sports performance
Health  Issues
Immune System
Physical ailments
Career Issues
Skin Issues
Pain Control
Public Speaking
Eating Disorders
Lack of Motivation
Household challenges
Divorce Support for siblings
Parenting Skills
Gaming/Social Media Addictions in Kids/Teenagers
Lack of Resilience
Lack of Motivation in Employees
Instill Leadership Skills
Boost Employee moral and Confidence
Public Speaking
Success Blocks
Boost your Business’s income


"What struck me about my session with Dr. Carla was the session alignment: the welcome, the kindness, the relaxation, the preparation for the session, the explanations of what will happen. Dr. Carla's voice is soft, caring and at the same time neutral, which I found very important, especially when she directed me towards inner meditation and deep relaxation. I really benefited from reviewing the past because I was able to connect what I went through with my suffering and what I am going through now. The connection I have been able to make with me now and me as a child has been strong. There was a flood of emotions that caught my eyes as to how much love I need. For the first time I was able to feel gentleness and love for myself, all in one session! The audio is very subtle, it reconnects us with our wills and wants. We have the opportunity to connect with the intensity of the session, but without the emotions. The results are very strong. I am very satisfied with my session with Dr. Carla which was wonderful, very intense! She accompanied me with gentleness, kindness and clarity. The explanations during the session were very clear, and she is very comfortable with what she is doing. She holds her subjects and directs her game. I recommend Dr. Carla to anyone like me who suffers from rigidity, loneliness and emotional deprivation. The rapid transformational therapy is really mind-blowing!" Eliane, Coach, 50, in-clinic session
Low Self Esteem, Career Blocks
“I rarely seek help and don’t often resort to anyone. What I liked about Dr. Carla is that you don’t have the feeling that you went to see a doctor. Actually, she comes off as your best friend, who is there to listen and help. Not only was each session (I had 3) an eye opener to me (I never thought my addiction to smoking was rooted deep down), but the close follow up I received throughout my therapy period was outstanding - from daily messages and tips to access to her when I felt weak, to follow up calls and check ins. I never would have done it without her commitment to my success. I am 9 months free and owe it all to her.”
Samer, 27, sales, in-clinic sessions
Smoking Addiction
‘'I was hopeless when it came to losing weight because I suffered from uncontrollable binges to fast food since my teens. I consulted Dr. Carla out of curiosity honestly. The results were completely unexpected- I remember walking out of my first session feeling like a new person but not able to pinpoint what it was that changed. I have previously had traditional therapy (psychoanalysis) for years, which was horrible. It was like overpaying to complain. I also tried NLP but it seemed to have something missing to truly make a difference. Nothing ever changed. With Dr. Carla, I have to say I enjoyed the relaxation section of the session most:)- like a yoga or meditation class! RTT helped me free myself from my previous survival mechanisms and create new behaviors to move forward to what I wanted. Coupled with Dr. Carla’s behavior modification sessions and full daily support (I used to text her on weekends!), I made quantum leaps and have not only lost 8 Kg but kept it off since!’'
Hannah, 27, stay-at-home mom, in-clinic session
Weight Loss, Addiction to fast food
"I met Carla during an RTT session I had with her. Carla is a very patient, kind and sweet lady. I felt completely safe with her and her encouragement allowed me to go deeper and access valuable information. I strongly recommend her as an RTT therapist. She will guide you towards the right momentum and trust to transform into the best version of yourself."
Kawsar, 42, online session
Frequent Throat Infections
'‘I went in to see Dr. Carla to help me with my failing memory and how I can re-energize my brain, now past mid-40, to remember details and information for my work. Carla was extremely professional during our session. She was very soothing and calm. I highly recommend her services.”
Danielle R., Nutritionist, online session
Poor Memory Skills
Danielle R.
'‘My name is Samira. I would like to share with you my experience with an RTT session with Carla and how helpful it was. I was suffering with many issues in life… fear of many things plus a health condition in which I have lost my hearing… Carla was so understanding and gave me all the care and attention I needed. A true empowering woman with an obvious leadership in what she’s doing. The session was immensely helpful as I listened to her audio to get me through my days. I am looking forward to more sessions with her hopefully…’'
Samira, 49, stay-at-home mother, in-clinic session
Insomnia, Anxiety & Unexplained Fear
'‘I resorted to Dr. Carla as I didn’t want to get help from a doctor. Carla understood my fears and emotional problems from the get-go. She was able to skilfully pinpoint the reason behind my inability to get pregnant with my third child- such an eye-opener for me! I felt totally free after the session, as if something has left me. But what struck me most is Carla’s confidence and feeling of safety that she exuberates: you immediately feel at ease with her and pour your heart out! She listens without judging. I felt so empowered after my first session as if I could conquer the world! All I can say is thank you Dr. Carla for a wonderful gift! You have no idea what a difference you’ve made in my life!”
Timea, 38, teacher, online session
Secondary Infertility
"Carla has been the first therapist that I felt so at ease with. She was calm and in control of our entire session. She understood my thoughts and feelings well , and remembered details about my sons. To me that's what made her so special , I felt heard and safe with her. I would highly recommend Carla as a therapist to find the cause of your dilemmas and to instill change for a better you. She helped me understand so much about myself . She’s my go to ! "
Ayesha Joosab, 34, online session South Africa
Low self-esteem, depression
Ayesha joolab
'‘I resorted to Dr. Carla to help me achieve the career goals I had set for myself but kept on postponing endlessly for no reason. After my first session with her and listening to my audio I understand the power of the mind and how we can change our thoughts. My experience was intense and powerful. A combination of different techniques that work on different levels. Carla's voice emphasizes the real issue and takes you where you need to be. I am glad that I had this experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of working on a problem'."
Sana, 51, artist, in-clinic session
Procrastination & Self Sabotage

Learn How You Can Easily have the Life You Want and the Freedom you long for. Let’s set up a time to talk.

Dr. Carla can help you do all that, and quickly- using a new and clinically proven therapy that delivers impressive and permanent change- Rapid Transformational Therapy, or RTT® .

Introducing a life-transforming, multi-award winning therapy that saves you money and delivers results fast- in 3 sessions or less.

“I help people upgrade their lives by using the power of their minds”.

You’re ready for lasting change- and I will help you make it happen.
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