RTT & The Psychology of a Womanizer

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 5, 2023 no comments

RTT & The Psychology of a Womanizer

When we hear the term “womanizer,” we often conjure up images of a charming and attractive man who enjoys the attention of women. However, behind the facade of charisma and confidence lies a deeper psychological issue that can have devastating effects on the individual and those around them.

Defining Womanizer: What Does it Mean?

A womanizer is a term used to describe a man who has a pattern of pursuing and engaging in sexual relationships with multiple women. Often, these men use their charm, wit, and charisma to attract women and gain their trust. However, their motivations are purely selfish, and they are not interested in forming meaningful connections with their partners.

The Psychology of a Womanizer: When it Becomes a Problem

While the idea of having multiple sexual partners may seem appealing to some, it can quickly become a problem when it becomes compulsive and disruptive to one’s life. For womanizers, their behavior means that there is other deeper psychological issues, such as low self-esteem, insecurity, and a fear of intimacy.

Womanizers may also struggle with attachment issues, making it difficult for them to form healthy and lasting relationships. This can lead to feelings of emptiness and loneliness, prompting them to seek out new partners to fill the void.

The Effects of Womanizing on Relationships

Womanizing can have a profound impact on one’s relationships, both romantic and platonic. Womanizers may struggle with trust issues, making it difficult for them to form meaningful connections with anyone. Their behavior can also be damaging to their partners, leading to feelings of betrayal and a lack of emotional intimacy.

Additionally, womanizing can lead to a cycle of addiction, where the individual becomes increasingly obsessed with finding new partners and engaging in sexual activity. This can have severe consequences on their mental and emotional health, leading to depression, anxiety, and even substance abuse.

Treating Womanizing with Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful therapeutic approach that can help individuals overcome their patterns of womanizing. RTT works by accessing the subconscious mind that stores the root causes of each behavior.

Through a series of guided sessions, RTT can help individuals identify and address the underlying psychological issues that are driving their behavior. This can include addressing self-esteem issues, fear of intimacy, and attachment issues.

By working with a trained RTT therapist, individuals can gain new insights into their behavior and develop new coping mechanisms that promote healthy relationships and emotional intimacy.


Womanizing is a complex psychological issue that can have profound effects on an individual’s life and relationships. However, with the right treatment approach, individuals can overcome their patterns of behavior and develop healthy and meaningful connections with others. Rapid Transformational Therapy is a powerful tool that can help individuals identify and address the root causes of their womanizing behavior, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.



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