Mastering Creative Thinking

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 19, 2023 no comments

Mastering Creative Thinking

Creative thinking involves generating novel ideas by making unusual connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. With practice, anyone can improve their ability to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions.

Stimulate Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking, the ability to produce many possible solutions for an open-ended problem, is key to creativity. To train divergent thinking, regularly engage in open-ended activities like doing puzzles, playing games or improvising music. Developing a wide range of interests and knowledge also fosters divergent thinking.

Use Brainstorming

Brainstorming encourages divergent thinking by having participants freely suggest as many ideas as possible, without criticizing or evaluating them during the initial ideation phase. Afterwards, ideas are refined and combined. To brainstorm effectively, generate a large quantity of ideas and resist the urge for perfection. Weird ideas often spark the best solutions!

Mind Map Your Thoughts

Mind mapping visually organizes information in a diagram of connected words and images which radiate from a central concept. This technique stimulates both sides of the brain simultaneously, aiding creative connections. Start with the central idea and jot down related concepts in no particular order, then draw lines connecting associated thoughts. New pathways between ideas will emerge.

Employ Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking involves solving problems “sideways” instead of directly. Try posing unreasonable questions about a problem or looking at it from another perspective, profession or time period. Use thought experiments and imaginary scenarios to break mental set and take a fresh look at a challenge. Lateral thinking often produces creative, outside-the-box solutions.

In conclusion, use techniques like brainstorming, mind mapping and lateral thinking on a regular basis in order to strengthen divergent thinking skills. Take on open-ended challenges that exercise imagination and encourage novel associations. With practice and effort, over time creative thinking can become more natural and spontaneous – enabling insight and innovative solutions to arise when needed most.



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