Lifestyle Bloggers & Mental Wellbeing

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 9, 2023 no comments

Lifestyle Bloggers & Mental Wellbeing

In the age of social media, beautiful vacation photos and stories of exotic travel from lifestyle bloggers pop up constantly. As much as this can be enjoyable and inspiring, it also poses risks to your self-esteem and mental health. Here are tips for staying grounded:

Compare Mindfully

Firstly, when engaging with lifestyle content, practice mindful comparison by focusing objectively on how it makes you feel rather than instinctively seeing yourself as “less than.”Note feelings of inspiration as well as jealousy without judgment.

Tune into Triggers

Additionally, tune into what aspects of the curated lifestyle specifically trigger feelings of inadequacy.Is it affluence, circle of friends, frequent travel or perceived lack of responsibility? Identifying specific triggers helps minimize their impact by gaining distance from emotional reactions.

Remember Curating Reality

Moreover, remember that every lifestyle blogger carefully curates and edits what theyshare to present an idealized version of reality. The “highlights reel” rarely shows the full picture of struggles, responsibilities and trade-offs involved. Take what you see with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Focus on Own Priorities

Furthermore, rather than envying others’ journeys, reflect on and reaffirm your own deeper priorities and values in life. Getting clear on what truly matters to you provides an inner compass that travel photos can’t shake.

Stay Grateful for Basics

In summary, maintain gratitude and appreciation for the basics that truly bring you joy – like warm meals, comfortable beds, and time with loved ones. While luxury travel may seem desirable, daily routines and simple pleasures often bring the most fulfillment.

Prioritize Real Connections

Finally, prioritize real-life social interactions that replenish you more sustainably than curated content. Connecting meaningfully with friends,family, neighbors and community reinforces your sense of belonging and self-worth in ways no photogenic lifestyle can match.

With an abundance mentality that recognizes thereis enough luxury, travel, and wealth inthe world for many,you can enjoy lifestyle content while maintaining a healthy self-concept grounded in your own priorities, values and real-life connections.Your life,lived authentically on your own terms, holdsjust as much – if not more – beauty as any curated lifestyle journey.



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