Healing in Nature for Adolescents

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 15, 2023 no comments

Healing in Nature for Adolescents

Adolescence is a time of turbulence yet also an opportunity for growth. For teens struggling with mental health issues, wilderness therapy can provide the intervention needed to get back on track. Combining outdoor adventure with therapeutic support, these nature-based programs offer several benefits.

The Benefits of Wilderness Therapy

Builds Self-Reliance. Immersion in the wilderness requires teens to independently perform tasks like building campfires, cooking meals and navigating terrain. This cultivates self-sufficiency, resilience and resourcefulness – skills that translate to personal independence off the trail.

Fosters Self-Discovery. Removed from familiar distractions, adolescents regain clarity about their wellbeing, values and relationships. The spaciousness of nature facilitates reflection, allowing troubling emotions and patterns to surface so teens gain insight to move forward.

Reconnects Teens to Themselves and Others. In wilderness therapy, adolescents engage in meaningful conversations around the campfire instead of on screens. They form authentic bonds with fellow campers and develop empathy through shared challenges. When teens return home, relationships with family and friends improve as well.

How Wilderness Therapy Works

Furthermore, these programs generally last 1-3 months and include rigorous outdoor activities alongside individual and group therapy sessions. Qualified therapists guide teens through the lessons of their wilderness experiences, helping them break negative habits and build healthier coping skills.

During the program, adolescents hike in natural settings, navigate whitewater rapids, go rock climbing and participate in other adventure-based activities. Mornings and evenings typically involve the practicing of mindfulness techniques and discussing the day’s experiences.

In short, wilderness therapy integrates outdoor adventure, experiential learning and therapeutic support into a holistic treatment approach. It addresses both internal and external factors contributing to adolescents’ mental health issues.

In conclusion, nature-based programs show promise as a more effective alternative to residential therapy and wilderness camps. When tailored to individual needs, wilderness therapy can help troubled teens rediscover their resilience, reengage their curiosity and return home empowered with abilities gained from the lessons of the wild.



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