Expressive Writing to Boosts Mental Health

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 20, 2023 no comments

Expressive Writing to Boosts Mental Health

For many people, to write about thoughts and emotions can be a cathartic and healing activity. Expressive writing may also promote well-being and improve symptoms for those with mental illness. Let’s examine the benefits for mental health.

Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Firstly, to write expressive pieces effectively reduces stress and anxiety levels. When individuals write about stressful or traumatic experiences, they gain psychological distance from the upsetting event.

Moreover, writing down worries and negative thoughts makes them seem less menacing and overwhelming. This process allows writers to gain perspective and reframe upsetting issues in a more positive light.

Consequently, just 20 minutes of expressing three times per week can significantly decrease stress hormone levels and anxiety symptoms in the short and long term.

Improving Mood

In addition, expressive writing frequently lifts people’s moods and improves self-esteem. Writers often gain clarity and insight into themselves and their difficulties through the process.

For instance, writing about an upsetting life event can uncover reasons the situation was not one’s fault. This reduces feelings of guilt and shame that fuel depression.

Furthermore, practicing expressive writing regularly may boost self-acceptance and feelings of control over one’s circumstances. Over time, this upward spiral can alleviate symptoms of mild to moderate depression.

Enhancing Well-Being

Expressive writing also enhances holistic well-being by fostering gratitude, meaning and life purpose.

Writing about one’s strengths, values and accomplishments bolsters self-confidence and optimism. Individuals often gain self-awareness by reflecting on life events through journaling.

Similarly, to write about relationships and positive experiences increases feelings of social connection and life satisfaction. Expressive writers report higher levels of happiness, joy and overall well-being.

In summary, expressive writing offers a simple yet powerful way to improve mental health and boost resilience. Whether through freewriting stream of consciousness or structured journal prompts, the act of putting thoughts on paper allows them to lose their emotional charge. Researchers believe this “externalizing” of feelings through writing helps reframe upsetting events and restore equilibrium within the mind. Make expressing a habit with just 10 to 15 minutes daily for notable benefits.



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