Digital Era: Mental Health Awareness

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 9, 2023 no comments

Digital Era: Mental Health Awareness

Contrary to common assumptions, the internet and mobile devices help more than hurt when it comes to mental health. This is because greater public awareness and discussion are on the rise.

More Information Available

Firstly, the widespread availability of health information online allows people to easily research potential mental problems they or loved ones are experiencing. Symptoms that once went unidentified can now be matched with clinical disorders.

Normalizing The Conversation

Additionally, the massive volumes of social media content and online health discussions related to mental illness have helped normalize the topic in public discourse. People have become more comfortable openly talking about psychological struggles – reducing stigma.

Connecting With Others

Moreover, digital platforms provide opportunities to connect with others facing similar struggles. Social media support groups and online mental health communities offer reminders that one is not alone in psychological suffering – which can alleviate isolation and hopelessness.

Power of Shared Experiences

Furthermore, the explosion of individuals willing to publicly share their personal mental health journey in blogs, vlogs, and podcasts illustrates a collective eagerness to educate and support others. Authenticity around psychological issues is on the rise.

Tracking Own Mental Health

In summary, by making mental health awareness, resources, and conversations more accessible than ever before, the digital revolution has likely done more to improve understanding and attitudes toward psychological wellbeing than to actually increase the prevalence of psychological issues in the population.

There remains, of course, valid concerns about the potential negative impact of excessive screen time and comparative social media use on mental health. But the digital age has also gifted us unprecedented tools for self-reflection, self-management and connection -empowering individuals to take greater control of their own mental health.

As long as these online platforms promote positivity, empathy and evidence-based advice along with destigmatized disclosures, the upsides of digital connectedness for mental awareness and prevention will likely continue to outweigh the downsides for years to come.



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