Choosing the Right Therapist

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 1, 2023 no comments

Choosing the Right Therapist

Finding the right mental health professional to help you through challenging times can be daunting. With so many different therapists and treatment approaches out there, how do you know who will be the best fit for your unique needs? Follow these steps to increase your chances of selecting an effective therapist on your first attempt.

Finding the Right Fit

When starting therapy for the first time, choosing the right mental health professional is crucial. An ineffective or incompatible therapist can result in minimal progress or an early end to treatment. However, with some research and self-reflection, you can find a therapist that fits your unique needs.

Consider Your Issues and Goals

To start, take some time to reflect on your personal issues, desired outcomes and therapy preferences. Make a list of what you hope to accomplish through therapy. For instance, do you need help improving communication skills, coping with anxiety or managing depressive symptoms? Write down any specific goals that therapy could help you achieve. Having clarity regarding your needs allows you to search for a therapist with relevant experience and specializations.

Research Therapists in Your Area

Once you know your issues and goals, search online directories to discover potential therapists in your local area. Websites like Psychology Today provide filters so you can find professionals with expertise in your specific problems like trauma, relationship difficulties or substance abuse. Check for accreditation and licenses to ensure the therapist credentials. Read therapist profiles to evaluate their training, treatment approaches and experience working with clients like you.

Screen Therapists Over the Phone

Next, contact several potential therapists to learn more before committing to an appointment. A brief phone call allows you to assess a therapist’s communication style, initial rapport and comfort level discussing sensitive issues. Ask questions that reveal how the therapist typically works with clients – from their therapeutic orientation and treatment modalities to scheduling flexibility and insurance coverage. This helps ensure their treatment approach matches your preferences.

Meet In Person Before Committing

Finally, schedule an initial consultation with one or two top candidates. A first session gives you a chance to observe the therapist’s demeanor, gauge the therapist-client fit and decide if you feel comfortable sharing personal details. The intake session also allows the therapist to evaluate whether they have the skills to effectively help you. If not, they will likely refer you to a more suitable colleague.


Overall, choosing the wrong therapist can feel like giving up on therapy altogether. But taking the time to find the right mental health professional for you sets the stage for more positive and impactful treatment. Discuss your needs openly and compare multiple options to increase your chances of selecting a therapist who is a great fit and will help you meet your treatment goals. Also, do not feel rushed into signing on with the first therapist you meet.



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