How to Support Your College Student?

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How to Support Your College Student?

Transitioning from high school to college is an exciting and empowering experience for your child. He will need more support as he/she grows, develops, and matures into an independent young man and/or woman. You must  understand the transitional nature of this time in your role as parents.

Now that your son/daughter is off to college, here are some ways to help you support the beginning of the college years.

Tips for parents of new college students

Encourage Your Student to Connect With Their Academic Advisor

At the majority of universities, each student is assigned their own academic advisor. The advisor helps your child pick courses that match their interests, career goals, and graduation timeline, as well as answer questions they may have about their studies. Encouraging your student to connect with them early and often is always a good idea.


Give him the opportunity to share feelings and ideas with you. He or she is experiencing new viewpoints and perspectives that may challenge prior belief systems. You should allow your son to explore ideas without being judgmental. Understand that changes in viewpoints, behavior, dress, eating and sleeping habits,

Ask Questions—But Not Too Many

Most first-year college students desire the security of knowing that someone from home is still interested in them. Parental curiosity can be alienating or supportive depending on the attitudes of the persons involved. Honest inquiries and other “between friends” communication and discussion will do much to further the parent-student relationship.

 Parents Can Better Support Their Children During College

Be Supportive

This may seem obvious, but it is an important part of helping your child through the college experience. Your support – academically, morally, and financially – will help them towards preparing them for the real world, while still letting them know you are there to help.

Give Them Space

Though you’ll want to hear all about their experience, avoid texting or Face Timing every day. Giving your learner space will allow them to flourish in their new environment.

You might institute a weekly catch-up call. You want your student to know that you care, but also trust them enough to be on their own.

Advise your child financially

Give them an advice on how to use a checking account, live on a budget and teach them the ups and downs of the dreaded credit card. Establishing good financial habits now will help them be financially secure not only in their college years but also when they graduate and transition into adulthood.

Watch for signs of mental health issues

Anxiety and depression are frequent issues new college students face. It is important you keep an eye out for signs that your child might be struggling with these.  If this was the case, you can contact Dr. Carla to help you and your student overcome such mental health problems.



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