Create Healthy Interdependence Relationship

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Create Healthy Interdependence Relationship

We, as humans, crave and thrive on deep, meaningful connections. Balancing act of building a strong relationship without losing yourself is tricky to achieve.  Healthy dependency between partners is the hallmark for a balanced relationship. That means developing interdependent relationship. It takes equal responsibility and makes an individual effort to strengthen the relationship. They make time for personal interests and support each other in their dreams.

Interdependence allows partners to create emotional intimacy while still respecting and appreciating each other as individuals. You’re not trying to change each other! You appreciate your partner for who they are, and they never feel the need to compromise their beliefs or values to make the relationship work.

Codependency vs. Interdependency

Codependent couples seek to validate their sense of self-worth and value through each other, using their partner as a crutch for any of their own undeveloped parts. This is problematic because devotion to a relationship shouldn’t outweigh someone’s individual and psychological needs.

On the other hand, interdependence relationship is characterized by two autonomous individuals who can care and nurture the relationship without sacrificing or compromising their own sense of self.

How to Build a Relationship Based on Interdependence

Tips for building an Interdependent Relationship:

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

When you have a healthy level of self-awareness, you understand the importance of saying “no” — and meaning it. This helps you create relationship boundaries, which are an essential part of any healthy relationship.

Boundaries may sound a little negative, but they are actually a good thing! They help you better understand each other and your individual mental and physical needs.

Pursue your goals

We all have certain goals and ambitions in our lives. Just because you’re in a relationship now, doesn’t mean that your dreams have become secondary. If you sacrifice all that you hold dear at the altar of your relationship, you will inevitably start resenting your partner for it.

Listen Carefully

Active listening means being fully concentrated on what’s being said. It’s giving attention to the speaker rather than passively hearing the message.

It means engaging and making sure the other person feels heard.

Cultivate other relationships

Depending on your partner to fulfill all your needs can put excessive pressure on them and vice-versa. That’s why it is important to have an inner circle of people you can depend on and turn to for emotional support and advice.

To build an interdependence relationship, you must take time to socialize with friends, family and co-worker

Establish healthy limits

In order to make your relationship independent and balanced, create healthy channels of communication. When the communication is transparent between the two, and individual priorities are set, the relationship would function properly.



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