How to Deal with a Relationship in Crisis?

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How to Deal with a Relationship in Crisis?

Relationship issues are common, but there are a number of tried-and-true methods for dealing with them.

A relationship crisis is an extended period where couples face complex challenges that threaten to tear their union apart. This is a phase where unresolved issues keep piling up, making it difficult for both partners to love each other as they used to. When these issues are left unaddressed, it can permanently end the relationship.


Signs That Your Relationship May Be in Crisis

The stress associated with being constantly uncomfortable or upset can have serious implications on your overall well-being.

  • You are always criticizing one another;
  • There is a lack of sexual intimacy;
  • You keep arguing over the unimportant things;
  • You live parallel but independent lives;
  • You don’t want to spend time together;
  • You don’t trust each other;
  • You start considering having an affair.

Some causes of Relationship Problems

Lack of a common vision or goals

Couples who want different things in life will run into all sorts of relationship problems. Lifestyle, career, family, spiritual, and even physical health choices need to line up for the good of your relationship.

Abuse and neglect

Abuse isn’t just about being pushed, hit, or kicked. Verbal and emotional abuse is just as destructive.

Family issues

Family issues, such as controlling parents or drug-addicted siblings, can be a cause of relationship problems.


Emotional disconnection is one of the main causes of relationship problems that lead to infidelity.

Unclear Expectations

One of the fastest ways to create unhappiness and instability in a relationship is through disappointment. And very few things create disappointment as quickly as unmet expectations.


The most common relationship problems couples will admit to are troubles in the relationship with finances. Not having enough money or not knowing how to split your financial burdens, a lack of money, as well as loss of jobs  are all common issues that can put pressure on relationships.

Relationship crisis; what to do to save your couple !

How to save a relationship in crisis?

Discuss the problems with your partner

One of the reasons why some relationships never recover from a crisis is that both parties were unwilling to discuss what went wrong. However, both of them should take some time off to meet in the nearest future and talk about what transpired.

Avoid accusations and insults

To preserve mutual feelings, partners need to make an effort on themselves, change habits, and compromise. In difficult situations, you should guard against mutual reproaches and accusations. The bitter words spoken in a fit of anger and despair can deeply hurt and offend a person.

 Show your partner care and compassion

During a crisis, partners can say hurtful words to each other. They are equally likely to do unpleasant things that further worsen the crisis. However, during the reconciliation phase, it is important to extend compassion to your partner.

Work on mistakes

It is not easy to keep a cool head during a crisis – emotions overwhelm and resentments accumulate like a snowball. And yet, try to analyze and understand what actually happens in order to never repeat such mistakes.

Stay Close to each other

It’s important to stay close as a couple, even when you’re changing as individuals. Talk with each other and honestly discuss how you each see the future evolving. Enjoy discovering how you’re both growing as human beings. Change in a healthy relationship can be exciting.

Keep Things Exciting

It can be hard to keep a relationship exciting, but relationships are work.  If you feel like your relationship is in a rut, plan something different to help spice things up again.

Want to have a happier, healthier relationship?

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