The Age of Speed: Rapid Therapies

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 9, 2023 no comments

The Age of Speed: Rapid Therapies

As society places a higher premium on speed, convenience and efficiency, new rapid treatment methods are poised to transform how we address mental health issues going forward. Thus, therapy is going digital and accelerated, and rapid therapies are likely to become the future of mental health treatments.

Shorter Sessions

Firstly, short-term evidence-based therapies like rapid transformational therapy (RTT) provide relief for conditions like depression and anxiety in as little as 3 to 6 sessions. By maximizing the efficiency of conversations between client and therapist, relief can come much faster.

Online Delivery

Additionally, more therapies are being delivered virtually through video chat platforms and app-based solutions. Their convenience and anytime accessibility fit the on-demand lifestyle of the digital age. Masking stigma further boosts their appeal.

Self-Help Tools

Moreover, the rise of self-help options like therapy apps and AI chatbots that provide exercises, coping techniques and reminders directly to clients will enable more people to access mental health support independently – without frequent therapist involvement.

Emphasis On Mechanisms

Furthermore, therapies that target specific mechanisms of change – like mindfulness, cognitive restructuring and exposure – allow for quicker symptom relief through focused sequences of exercises. Their effectiveness comes from targeted action, not slow unfolding over time.

Speed As an Advantage

In summary, speed, simplification and digitization will drive the future of mental health treatment options. As society grows busier and more impatient, pragmatic therapies that produce rapid yet meaningful change through focused mechanisms and streamlined delivery will provide valuable advantages.

Shorter, technology-enabled and self-guided methods will enable interventions to better scale to meet growing demand. Though longer-term treatments may still be needed in some cases, initial relief can come much faster through concentrated therapeutic exposures, ruthlessly efficient conversations and on-demand skill building exercises, tailored to the attention spans and convenience demands of our fast-paced digital era.

Remember that mental health isn’t a shame. Thus, if you or someone you know struggle with coping, don’t hesitate to contact Dr Carla.



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