Parenting Tips During Summer Break

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 7, 2023 no comments

Parenting Tips During Summer Break

Summer break offers parents an opportunity to spend quality time with their kids in a less structured environment. However, without the routine of school, maintaining healthy habits and boundaries can be challenging. Here are some parenting tips to help make the most of your family’s summer vacation.

Set a Schedule

Firstly, setting a daily schedule is helpful and important for children during the summer. Include traditional bedtime and wake up times along with structured activities like reading, educational games and outdoor play. Even casual plans keep kids from feeling bored or aimless.

Limit Screen Time

Next, reduce the number of hours kids spend in front of screens like phones, tablets and televisions. Excessive screen time over summer break can cause developmental issues, behavior problems and poor sleep. Instead, replace an hour of screen time with an hour of reading, playing outside or doing a creative art project with your children.

Encourage Activities

Furthermore, enroll kids in affordable summer programs that match their interests. From swimming lessons to music classes to sports teams, structured activities teach new skills, foster social development and get them moving. You can also plan special outings to local parks, museums, zoos and other kid-friendly places.

Make Meal Planning Easy

In addition, stock your fridge and pantry with quick and nutritious snacks and meals to minimize fast food temptation. Prepare larger batches of healthy dishes on the weekends to enjoy throughout the week. Keep plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand for kids to grab easily.

Establish Family Traditions

Overall, try starting a new summer tradition your family looks forward to each year. This could be a weekly movie night in the backyard, town-wide scavenger hunts, neighborhood kickball games, park play dates, weekly BBQs, or a family vacation – anything that creates lasting memories.

By following these parenting tips, you can help ensure your children make the most of their summer break through fun activities, healthy routines and special traditions with loved ones. But remember to enjoy this downtime with your kids – reconnecting as a family can make these months truly memorable for everyone involved.



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