Online Therapy: Era of Telehealth

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 9, 2023 no comments

Online Therapy: Era of Telehealth

Online therapy or telehealth promises to transform the way of delivering mental healthcare as technology continues to evolve. It has the potential to make therapy more accessible, affordable and effective for many for the following reasons:

Increased Accessibility

Firstly, the very nature of online therapy dramatically improves its accessibility. The required technology is widely available, there is no need to travel for appointments, and sessions can fit into any schedule. This removes many common barriers to traditional in-person treatment like transportation, childcare and work constraints.

Broader Availability

Additionally, teletherapy platforms are able to match clients with licensed therapists virtually across state lines. Their large networks of providers make quality mental healthcare exponentially more attainable for those in remote or underserved areas without local options.

Reduced Stigma

Moreover, the anonymity provided by online sessions further expands accessibility by allowing people to seek help while avoiding stigma. Not having to visit a physical clinic or therapist’s office lifts a major hurdle for many. Thus, reach and engagement will likely be far greater than with in-person options alone.

Lower Costs

Furthermore, the overhead and operational expenses of teletherapy services tend to be much lower than physical locations. This cost savings can be passed onto clients in the form of lower prices per session. Together with potential insurance coverage, online therapy stands to significantly increase affordability of mental healthcare.

Improved Efficacy

In summary, when delivered effectively using evidence-based modalities, online therapy has been shown to yield positive outcomes similar to in-person treatment for many clients and conditions. As digital tools for evaluation, supports and interventions improve, the efficacy of teletherapy is poised to exceed that of offline options overtime.

With its potential to dramatically scale mental healthcare delivery by transcending barriers to access, cost and stigma, online therapy or telehealth represents a revolutionary model for bringing much-needed relief to vastly more people suffering from depression, anxiety and other disorders. As society grows increasingly comfortable with telehealth generally, widespread adoption of teletherapy services seems all but inevitable in the modern digital era. The transformation has likely only just begun.



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