How to Try Hypnosis on Someone?

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 21, 2023 no comments

How to Try Hypnosis on Someone?

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility that can be induced by a trained therapist or self-administered. Hypnosis can be used for various purposes, such as pain management, habit modification, stress reduction, or personal development. Hypnosis is not a form of mind control or sleep, but rather a natural phenomenon that occurs when the conscious and subconscious minds are aligned.

Historical overview

The history of hypnosis in its primitive form can be traced back to very ancient times, when healers, shamans, and priests used various techniques to induce trance-like states in themselves or others.
Hypnosis as a scientific discipline emerged in the 18th century, when Franz Mesmer, a German physician, proposed the theory of animal magnetism, a mysterious force that could influence the nervous system and produce healing effects.
In the 19th century, James Braid, a Scottish surgeon, coined the term “hypnosis” and developed a more rational and empirical approach to studying it. He recognized that hypnosis was not a special state of consciousness, but rather a form of focused attention that could enhance responsiveness to suggestion.

How to Try Hypnosis?


Hypnosis can seem intimidating and complex, but the basics of putting someone into a hypnotic trance are straightforward. Follow these simple steps to hypnotize someone effectively.

And be sure to adhere to these steps in the order and accuracy required to get the actual result.

Create a Relaxed Environment

Firstly, put your subject at ease by choosing a quiet, comfortable place free from distractions. Dim the lights and keep the temperature comfortable. Position chairs facing each other to build rapport.

Explain What Hypnosis Is

Next, explain that hypnosis is a natural state of focused concentration and relaxation. Clarify that the subject retains control at all times. Reassure any fears or misconceptions about hypnosis.

This would make this person feel comfortable and safe and not out of control, and this feeling of safety and comfort makes it easier.

Gain Subject Consent

Additionally, gain clear verbal consent from the subject before proceeding. Respecting their autonomy inspires trust and cooperation. Allow the subject to withdrawal consent at any time.

Lead Deep Breathing

Lead Deep Breathing

Furthermore, guide your subject through 5 minutes of deep, slow breathing to physical relax the body. Have them close their eyes and focus on the rise and fall of their abdomen. This calms the mind before trance induction.

Induce Eye Fixation Fatigue

Then, ask your subject to stare at a fixed point while repeating a neutral word. After 1-2 minutes, their inability to focus creates “eye fixation fatigue,” causing the conscious mind to disengage.

Describe the Descent

As your subject’s eyelids become heavier, narrate the physical cues of relaxation occurring: their warmth, comfort and sense of peace. Describe how easily suggestions will come and go.

Introduce Trigger Phrase

After full relaxation is achieved, introduce a trigger phrase that easily reinduces trance upon repetition in the future. State “when you hear/say [phrase], you will recall this calm, peaceful feeling.”

Gently Bring Back

Gently Bring Back

Finally, gently bring your subject back to full awareness. Repeat their name a few times to orient them. Remind them what occurred during hypnosis.

In summary

following these steps will allow you to help put someone in a simple hypnotic trance. Fundamentally, hypnosis involves relaxing the body and mind through slow breathing, eye fixation and narrating the descent into trance. With patience and preparation, anyone can learn to hypnotize someone safely and effectively. Practice makes perfect, so start with a willing subject and go slow!

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m Dr Carla your local therapist expertized in hypnosis.

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