Breaking Bad Habits

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 12, 2023 no comments

Breaking Bad Habits

We all have habits that we would like to change. It could be biting our nails, procrastinating, or overeating; breaking, however, bad habits can be challenging.

Identify the Habit and Its Triggers

The first step in breaking a bad habit is to identify the habit and its triggers. What is the habit you want to break, and when and where do you find yourself engaging in it? For example, if you want to stop overeating, you might find that you tend to snack when you’re feeling stressed or bored. Once you understand the triggers, you can start to develop strategies to avoid them.

Replace the Habit with a Positive Behavior

Breaking a bad habit is often easier if you replace it with a positive behavior. For example, if you want to stop biting your nails, you might replace that behavior with chewing gum or using a stress ball. If you want to stop smoking, you might replace that behavior with exercise or meditation. By replacing the habit with a positive behavior, you can create a new habit that is healthier and more positive.

Practice Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Practicing mindfulness and self-awareness can help you break bad habits. Mindfulness involves paying attention to the present moment, without judgment. When you’re mindful, you can observe your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without getting caught up in them. Self-awareness involves understanding your emotions, motivations, and values. By practicing mindfulness and self-awareness, you can become more aware of your habits and the triggers that lead to them.

Set Realistic Goals and Track Your Progress

Setting realistic goals and tracking your progress can help you stay motivated and on track. Start by setting small, achievable goals, and celebrate your progress along the way. For example, if you want to stop overeating, you might start by setting a goal to eat one healthy meal per day. As you achieve your goals, you can gradually increase the difficulty of the goals.

Get Support and Accountability

Getting support and accountability from others can be a powerful motivator. Share your goals with friends, family, or a support group, and ask for their encouragement and support. Consider working with a coach or therapist who can provide guidance and accountability as you work to break your bad habits.


Breaking bad habits can be challenging, but it is possible with the right strategies and support. Identify the habit and its triggers, replace the habit with a positive behavior, practice mindfulness and self-awareness, set realistic goals and track your progress, and get support and accountability. By taking these steps, you can create positive change in your life and break the cycle of unhealthy habits. Remember to be patient and kind to yourself, and celebrate your successes along the way.



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