Anniversaries Pain & RTT

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 7, 2023 no comments

Anniversaries Pain & RTT

The anniversaries of traumatic events like the death of a loved one or an accident or even sad memories like breakups can trigger intense emotions and distressing memories. However, rapid transformational therapy offers an effective way to work through these difficult times.

RTT Techniques for Reprocessing Memories

Fundamentally, RTT helps patients reprocess painful memories and thoughts that underlie symptoms like anxiety and depression. Therapists use proven methods to challenge negative thought patterns and beliefs that cause emotional dysfunction. Notably, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing or EMDR is highly effective for trauma-related mental health issues.

During EMDR, therapists guide clients through sets of eye movements that resemble the rapid-eye-movement of the dream state. This stimulation activates the information processing system in the brain, allowing it to resolve the residual affects of traumatic memories. With repeated sessions, clients reprocess these experiences in a healthier way that reduces the distress they previously caused.

Focusing on Coping More than the Event

Subsequently, rather than dwelling on the anniversaries themselves or retelling the details of distressing events, RTT focuses on how you can cope with difficult memories and feelings in a more constructive manner. Therapists assist patients in identifying triggers that exacerbate symptoms and then developing new coping strategies like healthy distracting and mindfulness. These tools enable patients to manage distress when anniversaries approach rather than becoming overwhelmed.

Processing Grief and Unfinished Business

Moreover, for deaths of loved ones, RTT helps resolve any feelings of guilt, regret or unfinished business that prevent patients from fully grieving and moving on. Therapists facilitate “conversations” with deceased persons to gain closure on any lingering issues. With these emotional obstacles addressed, clients experience a true release of pent-up emotions that allows them to memorialize their loved one in a more peaceful way each anniversary.

In summary, through reprocessing negative thoughts and feelings associated with traumatic memories, EMDR and other RTT techniques help patients develop new coping strategies and resolve complicated emotions. The result is the ability to approach difficult anniversaries with acceptance rather than suffering, finally finding peace and freedom.



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