6 Benefits of Short-Term Therapy

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani June 16, 2023 no comments

6 Benefits of Short-Term Therapy

While long-term therapy has its place, rapid therapies concentrated into a few weeks or months can also be highly effective. Subsequent, short-term therapy models offer unique benefits.

Cost Savings

Short-term therapy requires fewer sessions, thereby reducing overall costs for clients. Consequently, it may be more attainable for those without comprehensive insurance.

Symptom Relief

Focused, intensive treatment can lead to quicker symptom improvement and rapid results for issues like phobias, grief and anxiety.


The short-term horizon may spur higher motivation in clients to make changes and accomplish goals within the limited time frame.

Reduced Dropout

Clients committed to seeing therapy through in just a few sessions have lower dropout risks compared to open-ended treatment.

Less Disruption

Shorter therapy causes less long-term disruption to a client’s regular routines and responsibilities.

Targeted Solutions

Rapid therapies emphasize solutions and practical strategies, operating with increased efficiency to achieve goals in less time.

Implementing Short-Term Therapy

For the model to succeed, therapists must:

Set Clear Boundaries

Establish the limited duration of treatment from the outset.

Agree on Goals

Work with clients to determine realistic outcomes within the timeframe.

Focus on Solutions

Implement solution-focused, action-oriented techniques.

Evaluate Continuously

Check progress frequently to determine if short-term therapy remains appropriate.

In conclusion, short-term therapy requires commitment, strategy and targeting the right issues. Nonetheless, it offers an alternative for clients in need of fast relief who values time, cost savings or minimizing disruption. With proper planning, short stints of intensive treatment can effectively improve clients’ wellbeing and quality of life. Additionally, while long-term therapy remains important, short-term therapy models offer unique benefits that make them a viable option for the right clients and issues. Its merits remind us that crafting the right “container” for change through clear goals and time limits can profoundly impact the outcomes achieved within that limited space.



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