RTT and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani May 24, 2023 no comments

RTT and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

The Benefits of RTT in Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Achieving Career Success

Imposter syndrome is a common phenomenon that affects many people, particularly in high-pressure work environments. It is the feeling of inadequacy or self-doubt despite evidence of success or competence. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and a lack of confidence that can negatively impact a person’s career success. However, a therapeutic approach called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) has been found to be effective in overcoming imposter syndrome and helping individuals achieve their career goals.

What is RTT?

RTT is a type of hypnotherapy that combines techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and psychotherapy. It works by accessing the subconscious mind to identify and reprogram negative thought patterns and beliefs that are holding individuals back from achieving their goals. By addressing the root causes of imposter syndrome, RTT can help individuals develop a more positive mindset and build the confidence they need to succeed in their careers.

Negative Beliefs formed of past Experiences

One of the key benefits of RTT is its ability to help individuals identify and challenge negative beliefs about themselves. These beliefs may have been formed in childhood or as a result of past experiences, and can be deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind. Through RTT, individuals can explore these beliefs in a safe and supportive environment, and work to reframe them in a more positive light. This can help individuals to see themselves as capable and competent, rather than feeling like an imposter.

Help Developing more Positive Self-Image

Another benefit of RTT is its ability to help individuals develop a more positive self-image. Imposter syndrome often stems from a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, which can hold individuals back from pursuing their career goals. Through RTT, individuals can learn to love and accept themselves, and develop a more positive and empowering sense of self. This can help individuals to feel more confident in their abilities and more comfortable taking on new challenges in their careers.

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

RTT can also help individuals to overcome the fear of failure that often accompanies imposter syndrome. By identifying and addressing the root causes of this fear, individuals can learn to reframe failure as a learning opportunity rather than a reflection of their worth or abilities. This can help individuals to take more risks and pursue their career goals with greater confidence and resilience.


In conclusion, RTT offers a powerful therapeutic approach for overcoming imposter syndrome and achieving career success. By identifying and reprogramming negative thought patterns and beliefs, individuals can develop a more positive and empowering mindset, and build the confidence and resilience they need to succeed in their careers. If you are struggling with imposter syndrome or other career-related challenges, RTT may be a valuable tool to help you achieve your goals and fulfill your potential.

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