Anorexia Nervosa Modern Treatment

By: Dr Carla Kesrouani March 24, 2023 no comments

Anorexia Nervosa Modern Treatment

What is Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa is a serious eating disorder characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight, a distorted body image, and a persistent restriction of food intake. People with this issue have a relentless preoccupation with food, calories, and body weight. They often have a distorted perception of their body image and believe that they are overweight, even when they are underweight. They may engage in excessive exercise, purging, or other unhealthy behaviors to control their weight and shape.

Anorexia nervosa can have serious physical and psychological consequences, including:

  • Malnutrition and electrolyte imbalances,
  • Irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure,
  • Infertility and hormonal imbalances,
  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders,
  • Social isolation and relationship problems,
  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Anorexia can lead to serious health consequences such as organ failure, weakened bones, and many other health problems.

How RTT Treats Anorexia

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a modern therapy that can help individuals with anorexia nervosa by addressing the underlying psychological and emotional causes of the disorder:

Identifying and Addressing Underlying Beliefs

RTT can help individuals identify and address the limiting beliefs that underlie their eating disorder. These beliefs may include negative self-image, a need for control, or a lack of self-worth. By addressing these beliefs, individuals can develop a more positive self-image and a healthier relationship with food.

Resolving Past Traumas

Anorexia nervosa may be related to past traumas, such as abuse, neglect, or bullying. RTT can help individuals resolve these traumas and develop a healthier relationship with their body and food.

Developing Positive Coping Strategies

RTT can help individuals develop positive coping strategies to deal with stress, anxiety, or other emotional triggers that may lead to disordered eating.

Improving Self-Esteem

RTT can help individuals improve their self-esteem and self-worth, which can improve their relationship with food and their body.

Developing Healthy Habits

RTT can help individuals develop healthy habits related to food, exercise, and self-care. This can include developing a balanced meal plan, engaging in regular physical activity, or practicing self-care techniques such as meditation, yoga, or journaling.


RTT is a holistic therapy that can help individuals with anorexia nervosa by addressing the underlying psychological and emotional causes of the disorder. By identifying and addressing limiting beliefs, resolving past traumas, developing positive coping strategies, improving self-esteem, and developing healthy habits, individuals can overcome their eating disorder and achieve a healthier relationship with food and their body. It is important to note that RTT should be used in conjunction with medical treatment and therapy to ensure comprehensive care for individuals with anorexia nervosa.

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