How to Stop Online Shopping Addiction?

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How to Stop Online Shopping Addiction?

Online shopping addiction falls between dependence and an impulse control disorder. It combines processes and impacts of both conditions, all formed around online shopping.  

Some will disregard it as a brain illness, believing that an activity such as shopping is optional. However, just like drug/ alcohol addictions, online shopping is used as a coping strategy, as a crutch; classifying it as a brain illness.  

If you’re noticing a significant increase in your online shopping activity,  or if you believe someone that you love is shopping compulsively, reaching out for addiction help is encouraged.  

Types of Shopping Addiction

People with a shopping addiction likely fall into one of these types:

  • Compulsive shopaholics: People who shop when feeling emotional distress
  • Trophy shopaholics: Always shopping for the perfect product
  • Shopaholics: Want the image of being a big spender and love flashy items
  • Bargain seekers: Purchase items they don’t need because they are on sale or for other reasons
  • Bulimic shoppers: Get caught in a vicious cycle of buying and returning
  • Collectors: Don’t feel complete unless they have one item in each color or every piece of a set

When Does a Shopping Habit Become an Addiction?

  • You feel an urge to shop online even when you don’t need anything.

People addicted to online shopping often make impulse purchases that they regret later, because the item where on sale or for other reasons.. They often know that they don’t need the item but still purchase it.

  • You spend large amounts of money on unnecessary items.

Buying unnecessary items is another sign of online shopping addiction. Online shoppers may make several large purchases in a short time, even if they cannot afford them.

  • You hide your purchases from others.

If you’re addicted to online shopping, you may try to hide your purchases from your family or beloved ones. Online shoppers often feel guilty about their purchases. Hiding what they’ve bought is an attempt to conceal their activity.


Shopping addiction: Signs your buying is a problem and how to get help

How to Stop Online Shopping Addiction?

Admit to Yourself That You Have a Problem

The first step is admitting to yourself that you have a problem. As hard as it is to dive deep into the less desirable side of yourself, it is necessary. Remember, when it comes to shopping addiction, you are not alone. The help is out there.

Unsubscribe From Updates 

Take a few minutes to unsubscribe from all the retailer updates and emails you receive. Turn off notifications from social media. By doing this, you won’t hear about their sales and discounts. Hence, you won’t have to make unnecessary purchases.

Focus On What Really Matters 

Set a goal you want to reach and place a picture of whatever it is on your desk, by your bed, or make it your phone’s wallpaper. This picture will remind you that you’re saving and working toward something that’s more fulfilling than new clothes or jewelry.


Given the complexity of shopping addiction, therapy is the first-line treatment option. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a common therapeutic approach for shopping addiction. The therapist and client work together to uncover faulty beliefs and problematic thoughts.

The goal is to replace these negative thoughts with positive thoughts and to develop helpful coping mechanisms that can replace sudden urges. New strategies will be suggested until the individual has recovered. At that point the focus is on maintenance, which involves stopping any unnecessary or compulsive shopping behaviors.

Knowing how to stop online addiction takes effort. Talk to Dr. Carla Kesrouani to help you overcome this addiction.



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