How to Deal With Academic Failure?

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How to Deal With Academic Failure?

When you do face academic failure, don’t let it control your life. Keep in mind, to enjoy the real flavors of success you must taste failure.

That said, every failure becomes an opportunity when approached with the proper attitude. Moreover, your school/ college years offer unique opportunities to learn from your mistakes without severe consequences. Every time you try again after a failure, you become a better version of yourself.

Common causes of academic failure

Absence of focus:

In this era of information and technology, where smart devices and cell phones are a fundamental necessity of society, it is very difficult to you to focus on studies without distractions.

Absence of time management:

Time is our greatest friend, and sometimes our greatest enemy. If studying time is poorly classified, the study pressure will increase noticeably. For that managing your studying time is a must.

Negative thinking:

To have doubt and negative attitude to life and its problems is also quite risky. If students are depressed after little hiccups and life mishaps, they tend to hold a pessimistic attitude toward everything in life. They don’t have any motivation to learn and end up failing at academics.

How to deal with academic stress

How to Cope with Academic Failure

Develop interests outside of  your chosen field:

Investing the time and energy you now have in parallel projects is the best way to deal with the disappointment you’ll inevitably keep feeling for some time. Unfortunately, very demanding fields hardly let you develop hobbies.

For that, now is your chance to finally do what you never had time for. The idea is not to overload yourself with a new set of responsibilities and pressures, but you should realize that you can find joy and purpose outside of academia or your professional field

Build and use a personal support network:

Build a network of family, friends, relatives, and advisers who are all interested in your success and who will encourage you when you’re down. This type of people can remind you of your long-term goals when things get tough and jog your memory about all the times in the past when you were successful.

Be compassionate to yourself:

It’s only natural to feel bad when you fail at something, but you also have to remember that everyone makes mistakes and that you can always redirect whenever you find yourself on the wrong path. Be compassionate to yourself and trust your abilities to overcome any failure you may face,


Cognitive therapy (CT) is a psychological treatment approach that is “evidence-based.”

A significant part of the benefit results from a change of thought or perspective whenever psychotherapy helps — whether it’s psychoanalysisdesensitization, or assertiveness training.

CT works because it is the most efficient method of challenging our dysfunctional thoughts, and the most efficient form of CT is the focused positivity strategy.

Dr. Carla uses this approach and help you in overcoming your bad thoughts that you have developed due to academic failure. Contact her now and benefit from a free consultation!




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