Using Psychology in Drug/ Alchohol Addiction Treatment

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Using Psychology in Drug/ Alchohol Addiction Treatment

When treating any type of addiction, it’s vital to remember that addiction is never purely physical. Addicted individuals develop an emotional and psychological attachment to the substances they abuse as well. Working individually with a psychotherapist can help you unravel your addiction and get to the root of what led to the onset of addiction in the first place.


How Addictions Change the Brain?

Individuals who suffer from addiction already have a distorted way of thinking. Their behavior, as well as their body functions, have also changed because of their drug or alcohol use. The changes that happen in the wiring of the brain cause people to develop intense cravings for their substance of choice. That is why it becomes difficult to stop the habit of consuming them. 


Studies on the brain show that there are changes in the parts of addicts’ brains that control behavior, memory, learning, decision making, and judgment. Illicit drugs and alcohol cause changes in the way the brain functions that can be harmful to the individual who has an addiction. 


The changes may be irreversible and may remain for the rest of the person’s life. The brain functions are affected once the substance is consumed. But the effects of the drugs or alcohol can last way after the intoxication, the high, and the intense pleasure has worn off. 


Eventually, addicts develop tolerance to their drug of choice. This means that they require higher amounts of the substance just so they can get the same intense pleasure as before. Overdose can happen and this may lead to serious consequences such as brain damage or death. 

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Advantages of Using Psychology in Treatment and Recovery

According to the American Psychological Association, individual treatment for addiction allows a person to focus on their personal goals and needs. Psychological treatments handle a loved one’s specific concerns by addressing the causes on an individual basis.

Benefits of psychological addiction treatments include:

  • Identifying factors that contribute to an addiction, such as a traumatic experience, a mental health disorder, or an accident that resulted in physical injuries
  • Creating a safe environment for a loved one
  • Working on changing behavioral patterns based on a loved one’s specific thought processes
  • One-on-one conversations and treatments with a psychologist
  • Addressing addiction triggers

Psychology plays an essential role in recovery because it addresses the emotional and mental health factors that contribute to substance abuse. The treatment recognizes that drugs or alcohol change the way a loved one thinks and behaves, it does not however specifically address the root cause of an addiction. In order to find out what is really driving an addictive behavior, or its rootcause, a therapist or psychologist can help you uncover the beliefs that were once built 


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