Learn How to Become A More Mindful Parent?

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Learn How to Become A More Mindful Parent?

Mindful parent strives to balance self-insight and emotional honesty with meeting the needs of their children, all while fostering values of mutual respect and acceptance.

Parents who manage their own emotions and behaviors help kids how to manage theirs. You need to be regulated before you can model regulation for your child. Unfortunately, when you’re stressed out, exhausted, and overwhelmed, you can’t be available for your child.

In this article, you’ll discover how to practice mindful parenting, and how important it is for your child.

Benefits of Mindful Parenting

  • Improved communication between you and your child
  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Increased self-control (the ability to delay gratification such as a cookie or marshmallow)
  • Reduced negative feelings (anxiety, depression, stress..)
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Decreased feelings of distraction

All About Mindful Parenting

Key Concepts of Mindful Parenting

Listen to your child with your full attention

Being aware of and paying attention to stressful situations and difficult emotions your child is going through. When parents are fully present and listen to their children, they can more easily notice when their kids (and they themselves) are becoming frustrated or upset.

Creative Problem Solving

Parents who practice mindful parenting avoid from stepping in to solve kids’ problems for them. Rather than rushing in with a solution, they stay present with their kids, expressing love empathy and understanding, and guide them in exploring ways they can address problems and stressful situations.

Try to see situations from your child’s point of view.

No matter how exasperating your child’s behavior feels, his actions are being driven by his own unmet needs, unspoken fears, sadness, stress or frustration. Try to uncover the emotions driving your child’s outbursts and respond to them with empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.

Learn Their Love Languages

Every child is different. Learning about the things that matter to your child will help you connect with them and meet their needs. One of my children thrives on quality time, while another longs to hear how much they are valued and loved.

Accept your child (and yourself) without judgment.

Acceptance of all feelings, even the negative ones, is important. If you can acknowledge a feeling without being overwhelmed by it, you can respond with patience, rather than react out of frustration and anger.


Being mindful parent can help reduce pain, tension, and stress

It’s not easy to be a mindful parent all of the time. However, the more you practice mindfulness, the easier it will be to achieve. Reach out Dr. Carla Kesrouani to teach you such important parenting skills to become a mindful parent



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