Dedicating ‘Me Time’ during the Holiday Chaos

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Dedicating ‘Me Time’ during the Holiday Chaos

The holidays are an exciting time of good cheer, warm family traditions, and spending time with friends.

For many people, the idea of entering a crowded room and chatting up coworkers or strangers at a party, exchanging gifts with friends, traveling from home, or attending large family gatherings can produce intense anxiety, depression, or both.

Scheduling ‘Me Time’ during holidays will let you sleep better, have less fatigue, depression and anxiety, greater resistance to sickness, and less tension. Read on to equip yourself with strategies to combat the craziness of the holiday season.

Benefits of Scheduling Me Time during the holidays:

It enables you to practice gratitude

When you spend some quiet time, you’re more likely to notice or be attentive to the little details around you. That bird chirping at your  window. That beam of sun refreshing your office…  Being mindful of all the good around you is a guaranteed way to lift you up with feel-good hormones. It can also bolster relationships and keep you motivated.

It builds your mental strength

Even though we are social creatures, being alone from time to time is actually good for your mental strength. Studies have shown that people who set aside alone time tend to be happier, less stressed and more satisfied with their lives.

Furthermore, alone time allows you to build up independence, become more self- sufficient and less needy of others. It can also help you build up your resilience,  forcing you to work out problems on your own.

It allows you to plan

Take a second and review your calendar. How much time did you invest in scheduling meetings, project deadlines, or family parties? While that’s definitely a part of life, you also need time to think about yourself.

Is this being selfish? Not really. Instead, you need time to yourself to plan out your goals, focus on your dreams, and track your progress. When you do, this ensures that you’re living a meaningful and purposeful life.

How do I find 'me' time

How to set “Me Time” in your Holidays:

Find Some ‘Me Time’ Activities

Go to a movie by yourself. The family will survive without you. The cinema is a great getaway. Improve your cooking skills and spend a few quiet hours prepping healthy meals for the week. Even the simplest of activities like doing the laundry and folding it might be a good distraction from your non-stop rhythm.

Discover the spots you don’t know in your town

If you live in a big town, there are always plenty of new things to discover. If you live in a small village, you can explore the surrounding area. Look for historical information about your town or the ones in the area. You’ll be amazed with all the hidden gems you might discover.

Broaden your musical horizons

Music is deeply connected to our emotions, which makes it particularly transporting. Music can help you disconnect mentally and emotionally. In my therapy practice using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), I like to advise my clients to listen to upbeat music that will lift you up, and avoid any sad songs as much as possible.

Stay connected and seek out advice

The holidays are a time where things might go opposite to plan. It’s always a good idea to be surrounded by people to stay grounded.

However,  some people will need more specialized support such as the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist, especially if they’re struggling with previous mental health disorders. Seek out the services of a nearby therapist to help you through the most beautiful (yet difficult) time of the year.



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