Changing Your Mindset is the Key to Losing Weight!

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Changing Your Mindset is the Key to Losing Weight!

Your mindset and attitude play an important role in your life and your success, and that includes your overall health and fitness. 

Thinking about your ‘fatty’ body only provides your mind with negative reinforcement and set you up for failure as you’re seeking a quick fix using something you hate. This means you’re more likely to stick it out for the short term only.

So, why should you focus on your mind first and body second, and how can a change to your mindset help you lose weight?

Why is weight loss so hard for so many of us?

Dieting is nothing new. People have been trying to control their weight for years and there are an ever-growing number of products available: ‘expert’ diets, weight loss clubs, diet pills and exercise regimes..

Often, it seems obvious to point the finger at what we’re eating and place the blame for excessive weight there; but why are we eating a certain way?

There are emotions and beliefs stored in the subconscious mind that need to be addressed in order to release the weight, like: feelings of low self-worth, feeling unlovable or it might be  that emotional needs are not being met can all be reasons for struggling to reach our desired weight.

Psychiatrists and psychologists will only deal with the presenting problems which is excessive weight. They will not tackle the underlying causes that are causing the excessive weight in the first place. I have found in my career that most if not all weight problems stem from deeply rooted beliefs about ourselves formed very early on, and that became unbeneficial to us, leading to maladaptive eating patterns and habits. Therefore uncovering what these are and letting go of them is essential in your battle with excessive weight.  Doing the work at the bottom layer, removing the bad roots that are causing the bad grass. Otherwise,  you’ll soon find the bad grass growing again. 

 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight

How does Rapid Transformational Therapy help you lose weight?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) takes a holistic approach to discovering the underlying causes that are sabotaging your attempts at losing weight. It identifies exactly how, where, when and why you came to have the eating habits or beliefs about yourself that stop you from reaching your desired weight.

Uncovers the root cause for weight loss and management issues

The most important part of an RTT session is exploring the subconscious mindset to see what memories are the foundation for the belief system that is keeping you stuck, unable to lose weight.  

Shows the subconscious mind that it can react differently

Another key aspect of an RTT session is the differentiation for the subconscious mindset between past events, which the subconscious mind has been reacting to, as well as the present day.  By differentiating the two in session, your subconscious mind learns that who you are today is much different than the younger version of you. 

Helps give the inner piece of you the love he or she needs

Our “inner child” so desperately needs our own love and attention every day. When we give that younger version of ourselves what he or she needed back when they were younger, we see our reality start to shift before our eyes.  If you are someone who has struggled with weight loss, perhaps that younger version of you needs to hear that you are loved, no matter what; that you are beautiful just as you are

Helps install a “new” belief system that is supportive to your weight loss journey

One of the final things the therapist will do in session is record a personalized meditation for you to listen to for the next month. 

When we hardwire in the new belief that “I am enough just as I am,” or “my worth is not dependent on my weight,” or “it is safe to weigh less,” we start to make different food choices and view our bodies differently as well.

Want to learn even more?

If you are finding that losing weight is impacting your mental health, you should ask for help from a professional. Let’s set a time to talk and discuss the ways that help you overcome this problem and maintain a healthy mental life.



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