Work with me one on one


As its name implies, this plan takes you gently on your journey to healing, one session at a time. It includes:


consists of setting you up for success before you start therapy 

Consult session, where we work on gathering information essential for your session’ success (60 min)

1 MSI Assessment.  MindHealth Status Indicator (MSI) is used as a tool to assess your

 pre-session mental health

1 Pre-session relaxation audio if needed


 this  is all about what your RTT session 

1x  RTT session to uncover and  let go of old beliefs then install new ones (2-3 hours)

1x  Unique Transformational Recording tailored just for you to lock in and solidify new beliefs (15-20 min)

Solidifying your Healing

is all about the follow-up you’ll receive as Dr. Carla supports you one step at a time in your healing journey

1x Behavioral Modification session– to review any questions along your journey to self-freedom, and give you tips on how to gain new habits of success (60-min): open to be scheduled anytime client desires throughout therapy period

Check-Ins via whatsapp on days 1, 3 and 7 after each session 

One  60-min Review @ 30 days to assess where you’re at and plan for the next step 

MSI assessment after each 30-days’ period to evaluate your progress, including your progression summary report.

Direct access to Dr. Carla whenever needed during your journey to healing.