Choose which program fits best your family and child with ASD:

ASD services

Help for ASD clients and their families:

  1.  is typically more focused, thorough, hands-on, consistent, requires more meetings, follow-ups, assessments, ect… 
  2. In addition, in order to see progress with a child/person with ASD, we need to allow time for them to build up their skillset, months even sometimes up to a year to acquire one skill. 
  3. And finally, working with such populations requires a combination of tools: ABA, RTT and educational expertise.

For this reason, a few monthly packages are proposed.


A monthly program that centers on the person with autism. It includes the following monthly items:

  • Initial Assessment:

completed at start of therapy and used to define the child’s skill level in the communication, social, leisure, educational, as well as self-help domains.

Introductory Audio:

to soothe the child and render RTT sessions familiar, therefore more successful.

  • 2 x RTT Sessions:

RTT sessions for a person with ASD are typically shorter. Thus, the need to break them up to 2 monthly if needed. The first is scheduled 2 weeks after the Intro Audio.

  • Individualized Skillset Plan (ISP):

depending on the child’s level and parents’ priority, a plan is put together and agreed upon by both parties that defines the skills that require improvement and behaviors that need eradicating. This plan will be the basis of what will be addressed outside RTT sessions.

  • Skillset Building:

Weekly meetings with caregivers to review application of ISP and techniques, go over challenges and plan accordingly (x4)

  • Supporting the ASD:

tools, resources and videos that will be passed on to caregivers to support them in their day-to-day application of the ISP.

Need more help? Direct access to Dr. Carla or a member of her team when needed.

pre-session mental health

1 Pre-session relaxation audio if needed

Beyond ASD

A monthly program that encompasses help for the ASD child and his caregivers including parents, siblings, nannies and teachers.  This program includes:

All of the above, plus:

  • Support for the caregivers: 

Monthly RTT sessions to aid parents or siblings deal with a person with ASD and improve their mental wellbeing (up to 3 sessions per family)

Monthly Audios that accompany each RTT session and lock in the new, improved beliefs.

  • Me Time

consists of a monthly meeting with each member(s) to go over their progress, learn life coping skills to further aid in their journey to mental wellbeing.

Direct Access to Dr. Carla or a member of her team whenever needed



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